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Docton Mill Gardens & Tea Rooms
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History of Docton Mill Devon

Docton Mill and its adjoining leat, head weir and terrace have been traced back to Saxon times, probably before the Norman conquest. "A more likely date would be upwards of 150 years earlier, after the death of King Alfred in 901. By that time the Royal Manor of Harton would have been well established, inspiring confidence in the surrounding settled farms and promoting the new technology of water powered milling, to enhance their living, and above all process the larger quantities of grain they could now produce". The mill continued to producing flower for local bakers Giffords of Hartland until 1910 when the mill ceased to trade.
Docton Mill then became a private house and the mill works modified to generate electricity in the mid 1930’s, there being no electricity in the valley until 1950. The generation setup is exactly the same now as it was then, it can still generate a same amount of power (5 KVA).
Docton Mill had a massive overhaul when new owners moved in 1977, with modifications and updates to the house bringing it into the 20th century. The gardens were extended and the basic layout is virtually the same as now, although new woodland gardens, herbaceous border, stream gardens and green house areas were added since March 2000. We continue to improve and add variety to the planting.

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